Middle Tennessee Writing Project - English 4500 Class [Fall 2018]

Leslie Trail talks about how she uses argument writing in her classroom.

Deborah Smith 8th Grade English/Language Arts Teacher from Cascade Middle School teaches about inspiring your students to read and write in the classroom through a variety of engaging methods. This lesson includes her in her actual classroom with her implementing some of her excellent practices.

Cortney Crews and Jordan Sims are both distinguished educators within Metro Nashville Public Schools. Cortney is a Literacy Specialist for the Schools of Innovation and teaches at Jere Baxter Middle School and Jordan is an Instructional Specialist in secondary education and teaches at Hunters Lane High School. In this lesson, they give practical classroom advise on inspiring your class early in the school year to be excited about reading and writing and how to incorporate state standards in your lessons.

Sarah McDaniel turns the tides of her classroom (with a lot of preparation, of course) with the Socratic Seminar method. She fuels critical thinking by selecting a topical English piece and allows her class to express and defend ideas to each other as well as explore the influence guiding an author's written work.

Sarah Esberger shows how to use Mentor Sentences in the classroom by having students examine an author's intent through word choices and the deeper meanings behind the word play.

Steve Jones reflects on the purpose of grading, and demonstrates how his students in the classroom utilize grading to improve their writing and analysis skills.

Rockvale Middle School Writing Teacher Jason Manley knows that when it comes to teaching children to write that the practice of showing them that the best writer in the room is you is very valuable. In this lesson, he teaches his techniques for inspiring young writers to be the best the best that they can be by emphasizing the practice of modeling.

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