ELL District Collaborative

Beth Koch and Ann Matanakilagi demonstrate how ESL Teachers can utilize Word Walls in the classroom and how their students constantly improve their understanding of vocabulary in stages building their skills from basic letter names and sounds to making meaning within sentences and comprehension.

Developing Sheltered Math Classes for ESL Students

Lindsee Stephens goes through the 6 C's to effective collaboration and shows the different co-teaching models that can be utilized in the classroom.

Dr. Christine Tennyson provides an overview of the 8 components and how to roll out implementation with an emphasis on planning and comprehensible input.

Isormari Pozo and Jessica Euverard take a tag-team approach demonstrating their practices in the classroom. They show how the SIOP Model and classroom activities lead all students towards effective learning; and how a strong bond between content and language builds understanding.

This video addresses ACCESS Scores and the WIDA Can Do Descriptors.

Incorporating Technology in ELL Instruction

This video supports the application of the Integrated, Expanded, and Complementary Strands in WIDA.

Kristina Danko challenges teachers to become aware influencers in their schools and take their students' personal, social, and structural motivations into account when teaching lessons - that education doesn't happen in a bubble environment.

Kevin Stacy focuses on student engagement and how ESL educators can use scaffolding to help students analyze text in a deeper way.

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