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Language Acquisition: How to Keep Beginner Classes 100% Comprehensible - A Demonstration in Japanese



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Dr. Stephen Krashen’s research shows that without 100% comprehensible input, students cannot acquire another language. Because most ELL teachers do not share the native language of the students they are teaching, they need training on how to use a tool that can help them keep things comprehensible. TPR, or Total Physical Response, is based on brain research and published test results. Within hours, hundreds of high-frequency vocabulary words can be put into long-term muscle memory, providing a sturdy base upon which teachers can scaffold higher level abstract language through processing activities that include listening, speaking, reading and writing. Dr. Thomas will give participants a demonstration of TPR through Japanese, and will provide information on how to get training on TPR and other tools that will help their students achieve faster fluency in reading, writing, listening and speaking.