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Sharon Clark is a STEM teacher with a gift for grasping and inspiring her students with new learning technologies in the STEM field. She was chosen as a PBS Digital Innovator in 2015 and selected as as EdmodoCon 2017 speaker in 2017. She shares her insights into the the changing world of classroom technology.

- Explain the trajectory of career and technical education programs of study.
- Discuss the importance of CTE as an option for all students.
- Introduce each piece of a complete CTE program of study.
- Explain Governor Bill Lee’s GIVE initiative.
- Explain the importance of regional workforce data in career exploration.
- Share plan to ensure all student leave with a path and a plan.

The session outlines practices to identify characteristics of dyslexia using various sources of student information. This is followed by a practical discussion of instructional methods appropriate for students with characteristics of dyslexia. The session ends by reviewing common accommodations provided to aid students with dyslexia to demonstrate their potential in the classroom.

Dr. Ryan B. Jackson and his wife Leticia Skae-Jackson are founders of "Fit Leaders" a national; group of edcuators and industry leaders dedicated to professional success through health living. In this video that give motivational tips, information about joining their movement and piratical advise on being the best you can be.

How to use data in an effort to improve your school and classroom.

As we all work to make education meaningful and relevant to all learners, we must not forget the "Underdog." Tedx Talk speaker, Dr. Ryan Jackson, shares his experiences as a teacher, assistant principal, and now lead principal as he reveals strategies for guiding the Underdog.

Siema Bailey Swartzel discusses how music can make a difference in student lives with several different styles and approaches that can be utilized.

Organized Chaos

- Experience how physical movement and engagement foster a sense of contentment in students which positively contribute to the development of the whole child and consequently the child’s academics.
- Have access to cost-free tools that foster academic engagement for any subject by using real-life items that students encounter daily.
- See examples of how to do this for your grade level, or know where to reference tools to do this for your grade level.
- See some astounding data that supports the efficacy of the demonstrated methods.

Personalize learning through flexible content and tools, targeted instruction, student reflection and ownership, and data driven decisions.

Address poverty issues through conversations with yourself, parents, students, and stakeholders.

The focus on this session will be two-fold. First, participants will be able to understand how characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may impact learning and behavior, particularly in educational settings. With this information as a guide, participants will be introduced to evidence-based practices that can be utilized in a variety of educational settings across the lifespan that focus specifically on supporting these characteristics.

Financial Literacy for Your Classroom

TEAM Evaluations: What We've Learned So Far

Cicely Woodard is an 8th grade Math teacher from West End Middle School as well as 2018 Tennessee Teacher of the Year. This lesson focuses on the practices and methods that she has learned that keep students focused and excited in the classroom.

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