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An overview of how life experiences have a role in shaping brain development, and what we can do to make an atmosphere to create strong brain development.

Dyslexia Within RTI: Decoding & Spelling

Learning Targets
- Define differentiated instruction and assessment
- Explain why to differentiate instruction
- Describe at least three strategies for differentiation
- Explain how to differentiate in my content area

Easy Video Editing & Using in the Classroom

Ed-Tech Smorgasbord

Emergent Bilinguals and Complex Text: Understanding the Role of Academic Language Skills in Text Comprehension for Linguistically-Diverse Adolescents and their Classmates

Jason Seay shows High School Guidance Counselors the available avenues High School graduates (and those nearing graduation) can take to receive Financial Aid for college.

Dr. Alexander shares her experience, thoughts, and recommendations about using the G-Suite in a classroom setting.

Game-Based Learning

Our presenters describe what HLM is and how to use it effectively.

Dyslexia Within RTI: Letter Knowledge & Phonics

Linguistic Funds of Knowledge: Building on Bilingual Students' Home Language Resources

A presentation on how to conduct a meta-analytic study and what to expect when doing so.

Dr. Krahenbuhl demonstrates ways to use Nearpod and why he believes it can be great tool for the classroom.

Dyslexia Within RTI: Phonological Awareness

The key points in this video are as follows:

1. What is a PBL Event and how is it different from other instructional approaches?
2. Linking learning to life through effective problem scenarios.
3. Empowering learners and ourselves.
4. Implementing PBL.
5. Eight essential elements of PBL.
6. Meeting course objectives in powerful ways.
7. Assessments that matter.
8. My role in the Learning Event.

Dr. Carter & Dr. Krahenbuhl share their thoughts and experiences with Qualtrics, which is a data collection and analysis software. In this video they show how to navigate the software, how to use it for research and/or classroom projects, how export data to SPSS and Excel, compare it to other data collection software, and how to build a prototype project using your laptop and/or device.

Dyslexia Within RTI: Reading Fluency

Karen Reed gives an overview of how to use SAGE Research Methods and what advantages are in doing so.

A demonstration on how to navigate and implement SAGE Video.


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