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A Classroom Comprehension Program - Session 1

A Classroom Comprehension Program - Session 2

A Classroom Comprehension Program - Session 3

A Classroom Reading Rate Program - Session 1

A Classroom Reading Rate Program - Session 2

A Classroom Reading Rate Program - Session 3

- Accommodations and Modifications
- IDEA and Section 504
- Advocacy

Leslie Trail talks about how she uses argument writing in her classroom.

Jennifer Core (Tennessee Historical Society) explains what National History Day is, the different submission categories, and tips on how your students can succeed on a national competitive level.

Kira Duke guides teachers through the Teaching with Primary Sources website, pointing out resources teachers can use in the classroom and where to find starting point topics for students' National History Day projects.

Switching gears, Kira Duke takes a tour through the new Library of Congress website, highlighting sections like "Today in History", "Blog: Teaching with the Library of Congress", and "Teacher Resources" all with resources already prepared for your classroom use. There's also a demonstration of how to filter for specific media types (i.e. Photos, Maps, Audio or Video Recordings, Newspapers, Legislation, etc.) and more hidden features of the website.

Kira Duke leads a discussion on how using Primary Sources can help develop critical thinking skills with examples to get students in the mindset of a particular time-frame.

Jennifer Core dives into what makes a good National History Day project, shows 2018 judging rubric examples, and how a project all ties elements together.

- Learn about types of reading problems
- Learn how to request help from the school (evaluations and intervention)
- Learn about state and federal laws designed to identify and support students with reading and other learning difficulties
- Learn about range of supports and services available

The morning keynote focuses on brain activity research while reading takes place.

Afternoon keynote focuses on the importance of student reading and the long-term results of engaging intellectual experiences that can occur in the classroom.

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This program will show how both sides of the Civil War sang songs about every aspect of the conflict. Students and teachers will come to appreciate how important music was in the lives of the people before, during and after the war as they listen to the songs that helped soldiers and civilians “march on” in life.

Deborah Smith 8th Grade English/Language Arts Teacher from Cascade Middle School teaches about inspiring your students to read and write in the classroom through a variety of engaging methods. This lesson includes her in her actual classroom with her implementing some of her excellent practices.

Dyslexia Within RTI: Decoding & Spelling

The Tennessee State Library and Archives, the state’s chief repository of history, has recently launched Tennessee Remembers: Vietnam Veterans. Our aim is to help veterans of the Vietnam War preserve THEIR HISTORY by collecting original documents and memorabilia related to their in-country experiences during the war. This session will explore ways in which resources gathered during this project can be used in the classroom.


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