Joanne Coggins, Ph.D.

Dr. Joanne Coggins and Dr. Laura Clark Briggs dive into the differences between students who have second language issues and those who have second language issues PLUS learning difficulties/disabilities. They take a look at an overview of reading development and language acquisition for typical EL elementary students. This session takes a focus on English language learners who may have a reading disability and how to provide effective instruction and supports for these students.

This session is for teachers and leaders who work with upper middle and high school EL students who may have learning difficulties/disabilities. For educators who have not been specifically trained as reading teachers, this session will provide an overview of the process of learning to read for native speakers as well as for non-native speakers. Attendees will learn what reading disabilities look like in the classroom. We will explore typical reading development in ELs and effective instruction and support for English language learners who have learning difficulties/disabilities.

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