Christine Tennyson

Dr. Christine Tennyson provides an overview of the 8 components and how to roll out implementation with an emphasis on planning and comprehensible input.

The six principles laid out by TESOL for exemplary teaching of English Learners gives teachers a framework to align their classroom practices. Using this framework, the presenter will share strategies and information to increase teachers’ and administrators’ capacity to improve instruction for older EL’s. In addition, the presenter will share ways teachers can leverage student voice in reading and writing activities.

Professional development in the 21st century is changing to accommodate busy schedules and to promote connections across the miles. Dr. Tennyson builds on past experiences with professional learning networks and online book studies to encourage educators to explore new opportunities for professional growth.

Long-term English language learners (LTELs) have been served for six years without making adequate progress. Accountability requires all students to succeed, but how? The presenters will share best practices, attitudes, and strategies to meet the needs of our long-term language learners, as well as how to prevent ELs from becoming LTELs.

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